CCKS is striving hard to provide excellent educational and grooming facilities to the youth of Balochistan. Alhamdolillah
Cadet College Killa Saifullah

Dues and Fee

Total Annual Fee for a Regular Student is Rs. 50,000/- and for Self-Finance Student is Rs. 200,000/- per annum. The said Fee has to be paid/ deposited in two equal installments in March and August each year (each installment for Regular Student is
Rs. 25,000/- whereasfor Self-Finance Student is Rs. 100,000/-). The Cadets have to pay their registration fee for SSC and HSC examinations as decided by BISE, Quetta time to time. Detail of payments at the time of admission for aRegular Studentis under:-

  • Total dues (For Academic Session 2020) –                                           Rs. 50,000/-Descriptions
  • (1) Messing Charges.
  • (2) Hostel Service.
  • (3) Barber & Laundry.
  • (4) Electricity Charges.
  • (5) Text Books & Stationery.
  • (6) Transport Charges.
  • (7) Medical Charges.
  • (8) Sports & Hobbies ( Games & Clubs)
  • (9) Educational Trips.
  • (10) Individual Items of games equipment.
  • Security (Refundable on leaving CCKS) –                                                         Rs. 5,000/-
  • (Not refundable for the expelled students)
  • Admission Fee(Once at the time of admission non-refundable) –           Rs. 2,000/-
  • Foam (Bed Foam) amount with transportation charges.-                          Rs. 4,500/-
  • Total (Other expenditure) –                                                                                   Rs. 11,500/-
  • Grand Total (to be deposited at the time of admission) –                             Rs. 61,500/-

How to Pay Dues and Fee

  • Dues and Fees may be deposited in the College Account No. 1016-008770-0201,Bank Islami, MuslimBagh Branch.
  • A bank draft in favor of Principal Cadet College KillaSaifullah may be deposited at the time of reporting on reporting date.
  • N.B Candidates without paid receipt from the above mentioned Bank or a Band Draft on arrival at College will not be taken on the strength of Cadet College KillaSaifullah.

Late Payment

    If dues are not received till 31stMarch and 1st August each year, a fine will be charged asunder:
  • Rs. 5/-per day for the first 7 days.
  • Rs. 10/- per day for the subsequent period.
  • If the dues are not paid even after 45 days, the admission is likely to be cancelled.
  • Dues and Fees once paid are not refunded and the manners of their utilization are not accountable to the Parents.
  • An affidavit is mandatory to the effect that dues will be cleared in time andCollege Rules and Regulations will be followed in its true spirit.