CCKS is striving hard to provide excellent educational and grooming facilities to the youth of Balochistan. Alhamdolillah

Recognition and encouragement leads to motivation, thus ensuring refinement in future performance. Keeping the aspect in mind, 2 x best teachers and 6 x Cadets who obtained first six positions in their exams were sent to visit Karachi. The aim was to encourage them for more hard work and show them various facilities / sites in Karachi so that they can learn and polish themselves.
They visited following locations

  1. Wazir mension.
  2. Quaid’s Residency .
  3. Mohatta Palace Museum .
  4. P. C. Hotel, Karachi.
  5. Leprosy Hospital, Mangopir.
  6. Football ground, Mangopir.
  7. Mazar-e-Quaid .
  8. Visit Baba Bhit Island and Kamari.
  9. Maritime Museum.
  10. Sea View
  11. Frere Hall (Art Gallery).
  12. Saylani, Namaish Branch for Food Dastarkhawan and Saylani Head office.
  13. Naval Academy .
  14. Moin Khan Academy.
  15. Visit of HQ Pakistan Rangers,
    Sindh and meeting with DG Rangers

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